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Lego model commissioned production

I will make an order for a Lego model according to your request.

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Lego model commissioned production in chronological order

Japanese company Foreign company

国内 Sept-Nov 2022Kagoshima City Kagoshima Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Products "Kagoshima Black Cows", "Madai", etc. 5 works in total
国内 Nov 2022Ogaki Junior Chamber of Commerce 70th Anniversary
Nishimino Town
Production Guidance and Supervision : Sachiko Akinaga
国内 Sept 2022Logistics facility "Logicross Zama" for Mitsubishi Estate
海外 Oct 2021"Heart-chan Marching Band" for LEGO promotion video "Rebuilding the World"
国内 Apr 2021Lego Roller Coaster - Dinosaur World
国内 Jan 2021Jump comic "Hanano Keiji (花の慶次)" artist collaboration project
国内 Aug 2020Let's Make an ISUZU Mini Truck on The Isuzu community site Hakobu
国内 Mar 2020Electricity In Our Life, OKINAWA / How Electricity Is Generated
for the Okinawa Electric Power
国内 Oct 20194 Lego works for NHK TV drama, called ‘Miss!? Jicocho'
国内 Oct 2019Abeno Harukas 1/1000 size model for Harukas 300 Observatory Memorial Ceremony
国内 Nov 2018Hebel Haus - Frex 3 Storey
国内 Sept 2018HITACHI Tabletop Microscope TM4000Plus - Lego model
国内 Aug 2018A building model of Nippon Television
国内 Apr 2018+α2018 Theme Boards
国内 Apr 2018Isuzu HaKoBu's tenth anniversary model 'Hakobuu~'
国内 Mar 2018LEGO Remipan+s
国内 Feb 2018Lego maps of The Big Tsubame
国内 Jan 2018USTRUST Logo
国内 Dec 2017Parent and Children Sea Tutles (A original bricks kit)
国内 Dec 2017Lego Minase Town
国内 Oct 2017Yamazaki Mazak Lathe - INTEGREX i-400
国内 Mar 2017KItamae-ship - The Himeji Port Museum
国内 Mar 2017Isuzu ELF (Additional model)
国内 Mar 2017Coo&RIKU - A window display 'Coo'
国内 May 2017Lego Town with Aeon Mall and Linimo
国内 Feb 2017Caution Sign Board & New Logo Plate for Lego Safety Valve - Fukui Seisakusho
国内 Nov 2016Network System 4G/5G
国内 Oct 2016Flower Wedding Cake
国内 Oct 2016The 'Happy Island's final video.
'The 40th Anniversary of Happy Turn',
国内 Sept 2016'Happy Island's making-of video.
'The 40th Anniversary of Happy Turn',
国内 Aug 2016"Let's Make Lego Turn Prince with Lego Champion!”
'The 40th Anniversary of Happy Turn',
国内 Jan-July 2016The 60th Anniversary of Kiryu JC
'Brick Town Kiryu' - Supervision in charge
国内 Mar 2016Truck Merchandise Display Shelf
国内 June 20167 kinds of vehicle models (car, ship, helicopter, etc...)
国内 Apr 2016Baseball
国内 Apr 2016A Bricks kit of 'Notte-chan' for workshop
国内 Jan 2016GODAI KAMEIDO Sports Center
国内 Nov 2015‘GRAND’ Pachinko Parlour
国内 Oct 2015The Charity Lego Model "Care of Lung” - Design & Instructor
国内 Sept 2015Tokyo Bay Area MiHAMA
The Condominium Kemigawahama Gardens
国内 Sept 2015Isuzu lego models for charity at 'the Tokyo Mortor Show 2015'
Isuzu lego models ( GIGA / Bonnet Bus / D-MAX / ELF )
国内 Aug 2015Lego Safety Valve PSL-MD - Fukui Seisakusho company
国内 Apr 2015A brick kit of 'Norurun' for workshop
国内 Mar 2015Lego Hina Doll for Jouge Hinamatsuri in Hiroshima
国内 Dec 2014GACHAPON The 8th Anniversary Monument(Instructions & Supervision)
国内 Nov 2014A logo model of the Fit Company
国内 Oct 2014The Devil Castle Puzzle for a mystery game
国内 Sept 2014Wedding surfing S&Y
国内 Sept 2014Gibco Laboratory - Thermo Fisher Scientific / Life Technology Japan
国内 Aug 2014Three models of Honda Cars
国内 May 2014Laser Gun for a certain TV program
海外 May 2014Lego Trophy for the Lego contest at FUN Brick Exhibition in Taipei
海外 Jan 2014Brick Cake Houses (Candy Houses) for FUN Brick Exhibition in Taipei
海外 Sept 2013A Lot of French Fries
国内 Aug 2013Hakobu Special project - Let's make Isuzu Lego models!!
国内 June 2013Funabashi-Keibajo Station
国内 Feb 2013The Kid's Beauty Salon Expo
国内 Feb 2013'THE KID' logo
国内 Dec 2012
Jan 2013
Mitsui Fudosan Residential Salon
Seaside Aquarium
海外 June 2012 - New York-Presbyterian Westchster Behavioral Health Center
Welcome to Tree Town !
海外 Apr 2012'Scientific American magazine' Tokamak - June 2012
国内 Apr 2012Princess Castle
海外 Nov 2011Block Party - the 'T' times Magazine logo
The New york Times Style Magazine - Winter 2011
国内 Apr 2010Wedding Cake T & T
国内 May 2009Happy Wedding M & T
海外 Nov 2008 LEGO model Original Bricks kit, Car Carrier, Sheng Shi
国内 Jan 2008Flame Logo for "TV CHAMPION 2" for TV TOKYO
国内 Dec 2007 "Let's Build a Art School Building with LEGO "
Art College Kobe / Instructions & Instructor
国内 July 2007 Little Ida's Flowers - H.C.Andersen ; Funabashi Andersen Park
国内 Mar 2007 Machida Interchange
国内 June 2006Concrete House RC-Z Systems LEGO Model ; Osawa Gumi Co.,Ltd.
国内 July 2005Thumbelina - H.C.Andersen 2005 Bicentenary Birthday
Funabashi Andersen Park
国内 June 2005Jumbo Jet for the JTB Campaign Poster
国内 Jan 2005Pilot appeared on the "Brain Travel"
a magazine for members of Mitsubishi Corporation”
国内 Apr 20033D Floor Plans of Flats for Tokyu Amenix condominium renovation

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