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“space” E May 2019Hispa Brick 032 - LEGO Magazin in Spain
J E Aug 2018Newsweek Special Edition LEGO 2018 in Japanese
CCC Media House
ISBN : 978-4-484-14749-9
J “space” Jan 2018Mazak public information magazine「Cyber World」No.53
Mazak 広報誌「Cuber World」
J “space” Dec 2016Tennis Classic - GODAI Sports Center
“space” E Oct 2016Reinventer Lego
by Christine Baillet (Auteur), Isabelle Bruno (Auteur)
(仏) Hoebeke / WIDTH ="13" , ISBN-10 : 284230568X
“space” E Sept 2015BEAUTIFUL LEGO - WILD!
by Mike Doyle
(英) No Starch Pr / ISBN-13 : 978-1593276751 , ISBN-10 : 1593276753
J “space” Sept 2015Complete Guide to child Development
(JPN) Shinyusha / ISBN-13 : 978-4801802896 , ISBN-10 : 4801802893
“space” t June 2014Parent and Child - June issue - interview
J E Jan 2014LEGO USA YouTube
LEGO(R) Blocumentary Season 4 Great Creations - Sachiko Akinaga ( English subtitles )
レゴ USA YouTubeチャンネル
J E July 2013The Official LEGO bookTHE LEGO BOOK
by Daniel Lipkowitz
(JPN) Tokyoshoseki / ISBN-13 : 978-4487807826 , ISBN-10 : 4487807824
(ENG) DK Children; Exp Rev / ISBN-13 : 978-0756666934 , ISBN-10 : 0756666937
レゴブロックの世界 The LEGO Book
“space” E Apr 2013Amazing Brick Artists - for Elementary school library in USA
by Jordan D.Brown
Heinemann / ISBN-13: 978-0-325-03683-0 , ISBN-10: 0-325-03683-7
Amazing Brick Artists Amazing Brick Artists Amazing Brick Artists Amazing Brick Artists
“space” E Aug 2012Los Logos 6
Editors: R. Klanten, H. Hellige, A. Mollard, A. Sinofzik
Die Gestalten Verlag / ISBN-13: 978-3-89955-450-2
Loslogos6 Loslogos6
“space” E June 2012iter News line
tokamak tokamak
“space” E Nov 2011New Yourk Times Style magazine
Brick Journal Issue 9 Brick Journal Issue 9
J “space” Aug 2011KANEMORI Brick Labo News - Aug
J “space” Apr 2010A fashion magazine "an an"
J “space” Apr 2010Enjoy Building Toys with Brick
by Yoshikazu Saito
Socym / ISBN-13: 978-4883377053 , ISBN-10: 4883377059
“space” E Jan 2010Brick Journal  Issue 9, Vol 2 / Jan/Feb 2010
J E Dec 2009The Official LEGO book 'THE LEGO BOOK
by Inc. Dorling Kindersley
(JPN) Tokyoshoseki / ISBN-13: 978-4487804207 , ISBN-10: 4487804205
(ENG) DK; Slp / ISBN-13: 978-0756656232 , ISBN-10: 0756656230
レゴブロックの世界 The LEGO Book
J “space” July 2009Web MAGAZINE Design x Music "Moonlinx"
J “space” June 2009A town magazine "Fukagawa" LEGO WORLD RECORD TOWER 2009 JAPAN
J “space” Dec 2008Let's Play with Brick Toy !! Vol.2
by Yoshikazu Saito
Socym / ISBN-13: 978-4883376285 , ISBN-10: 4883376281
“space” E July 2008Brick Journal compendium #3 - Issues 6 -7
by Joe Meno
Twomorrows Publishing / ISBN-13: 978-1-60549-006-9 , ISBN-10: 160549-0067
Brick Journal  Issue 9
J “space” Apr 2008Play with Brick Toy !! Vol.1
by Yoshikazu Saito
Socym / ISBN-13: 978-4883375967 , ISBN-10: 488337596X
J “space” June 2008A weekly magazine "Fami-Tu"
J “space” Mar 2007A weekly magazine "FromA"
J “space” Mar 2006 A town magazine "Fukagawa"
“space” E Feb 2006Brick Journal - Issue 6.Fall / Winter 2006
J “space” 2005年03月Internet lego shop, 05BLOCK.COM

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