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Japanease English

国内 Aug 2018Newsweek Special Edition LEGO 2018 in Japanese
CCC Media House
ISBN : 978-4-484-14749-9
海外 Oct 2016'Reinventer Lego'
by Christine Baillet (Auteur), Isabelle Bruno (Auteur)
(FRN) Hoebeke / ISBN-13 : 978-2842305680 , ISBN-10 : 284230568X
海外 Sept 2015'BEAUTIFUL LEGO - WILD!'
by Mike Doyle
(ENG) No Starch Pr / ISBN-13 : 978-1593276751 , ISBN-10 : 1593276753
国内 Sept 2015'Complete Guide to child Development'
(JPN) Shinyusha / ISBN-13 : 978-4801802896 , ISBN-10 : 4801802893

I supervised 3 page section focusing an Duplo bricks and how children can benefit from playing with bricks at on early stage.
国内 海外 July 2013The Official LEGO book 'THE LEGO BOOK'
by Daniel Lipkowitz
(JPN) Tokyoshoseki / ISBN-13 : 978-4487807826 , ISBN-10 : 4487807824
(ENG) DK Children; Exp Rev / ISBN-13 : 978-0756666934 , ISBN-10 : 0756666937
The LEGO Book レゴブロックの世界
海外 Apr 2013Amazing Brick Artists - Artist profile *for Elementary school library in USA
by Jordan D.Brown
Heinemann / ISBN-13: 978-0-325-03683-0 , ISBN-10: 0-325-03683-7
Amazing Brick Artists Amazing Brick Artists Amazing Brick Artists Amazing Brick Artists
海外 Aug 2012「Los Logos 6」
Editors: R. Klanten, H. Hellige, A. Mollard, A. Sinofzik
Die Gestalten Verlag / ISBN-13: 978-3-89955-450-2
Loslogos6 Loslogos6
国内 Apr 2010Enjoy Building Toys with Brick
by Yoshikazu Saito
Socym / ISBN-13: 978-4883377053 , ISBN-10: 4883377059
国内 海外 Dec 2009The Official LEGO book 'THE LEGO BOOK'
by Inc. Dorling Kindersley
(JPN) Tokyoshoseki / ISBN-13: 978-4487804207 , ISBN-10: 4487804205
(ENG) DK; Slp / ISBN-13: 978-0756656232 , ISBN-10: 0756656230
The LEGO Book レゴブロックの世界
国内 Dec 2008 Let's Play with Brick Toy !! Vol.2
by Yoshikazu Saito
Socym / ISBN-13: 978-4883376285 , ISBN-10: 4883376281
海外 July 2008Brick Journal compendium #3 - Issues 6 -7
by Joe Meno
Twomorrows Publishing / ISBN-13: 978-1-60549-006-9 , ISBN-10: 160549-0067
Brick Journal  Issue 9
国内 Apr 2008 Play with Brick Toy !! Vol.1
by Yoshikazu Saito
Socym / ISBN-13: 978-4883375967 , ISBN-10: 488337596X

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Magazine web Jan 2018Mazak public information magazine「Cyber World」No.53
Mazak 広報誌「Cuber World」
Magazine Dec 2016Tennis Classic - GODAI Sports Center
web Jan 2014LEGO USA YouTube chanel
' LEGO(R) Blocumentary Season 4 Great Creations - Sachiko Akinaga'
(English subtitles)
レゴ USA YouTubeチャンネル
web June 2012iter News line (English)
tokamak tokamak
Magazine web Nov 2011New Yourk Times Style magazine (English)
Brick Journal Issue 9 Brick Journal Issue 9
web Aug 2011KANEMORI Brick Labo News - Aug (Japanese)
Magazine Apr 2010A fashion magazine "an an"
Web Jan 2010Brick Journal  Issue 9, Vol 2 / Jan/Feb 2010 (English)
web July 2009Web MAGAZINE Design x Music "Moonlinx"
Magazine Jun 2009A town magazine "Fukagawa"
Magazine June 2008A weekly magazine "Fami-Tu"
Magazine Mar 2007A weekly magazine "FromA"
Magazine Mar 2006 A town magazine "Fukagawa"
Magazine Feb 2006"Brick Journal" Issue 6.Fall / Winter 2006 (English)
web Mar 2005 Internet lego shop「05BLOCK.COM」 (Japanese)

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