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Let's LEGO NEWSNo.104 / 2018.5.21
Isuzu HaKoBu's tenth anniversary model "LEGO Hakobuu~"appereas in HaKoBu!

This is the 10th anniversary model of Isuzu Community Site HaKoBu, called "LEGO HAKUOU ~". In addition to my lego work, ’Hakobuu~’, they are introduced the 10th anniversary celebration work by creators of "Masking Tape" and "Characters Bento". Please look at it on HaKoBu's site.

Let's LEGO NEWSNo.103 / 2018.5.1
On May 6th 2018, I will hold a Lego workshop event at AION TOWN in Utazu Kagawa!!

On May 6th 2018, I will hold a Lego workshop event, ‘Let's make a Lego Spinning Top! ' at a shopping center AION TOWN in Utazu Kagawa. It is free. Please come along!! [ More details ]

Let's LEGO NEWSNo.102 / 18th Apr 2018
On May 3rd and 4th 2018, I will hold some Lego workshop events in Fukushima!!

On May 3rd and 4th 2018, I will hold some Lego workshop events, ‘Let's make Lego Spinning' at Commutan Fukushima Spring Festival' in Fukusima. It is free. Please come along!! [ More details ]

Let's LEGO NEWSNo.101 / 17th Apr 2018
+α 2018 Theme Boards

These are theme boards visualizing Plus Alpha Consulting Co., Ltd 's 2018 theme "Differentiation Strategy". I made five same models for the head office and four branch offices. It has a company logo in the center, each symbol of the four branches in the upper right, and a theme at the lower left. [ More details ]

Let's LEGO NEWSNo.100 / 16th Apr 2018
Lego maps of The Big Tsubame

These are Lego maps of the Big Tsubame pachinko and slot parlor in Takasaki which I made. The five identical models are on display at five different locations in the parlor from April 2018. Mini figs hold ‘You Are Here' flags ! [ More details ]

Let's LEGO NEWSNo.99 / 17th Mar 2018
Gibco Laboratory (cell culture laboratory)

This is a Gibco laboratory (cell culture laboratory) of Thermo Fisher Scientific. This model was displayed at the booth of Thermo Fisher Scientific / Life Technology Japan in the exhibition 'The Japan Neuroscience Society 37', held at Pacifico Yokohama in Japan. [ More details ]

Let's LEGO NEWSNo.98 / 7th Mar 2018
USTRUST company logo model

This is a company logo model that I built at the request from USTRUST Co., Ltd.. The logo model is on display at the entrance of their head office. You can see some images of this model on USTRUST Brog.
[ More details ]

Let's LEGO NEWSNo.97 / 6th Mar 2018
Lego Town Minase is on display from Jan 2018

This lego town introduce a neighborhood of the condominium Geo Hankyu Minase. It is on display at the condominium gallery Geo Hankyu Minase from Jan 2018 in Osaka.[ More details ]

Let's LEGO NEWSNo.96 / 5th Mar 2018
Box of Tissues - Signal Fire

This is a box of tissues called Signal Fire!! Whenever you pull tissues up from the box, you can see a signal fire ! Let's blow our noses together ! If you have hay fever or rhinitis, you can light a lot of signal fires. [ More details ]
* I've updated images of old work on my web site to high resolution.

Let's LEGO NEWSNo.95 / 2nd Mar 2018
Some of my work is on display at THE LEGO HOUSE !!

Some of my work is on display at The Masterpiace Gallery of THE LEGO HUOSE in Denmark!  They are next Pistash DeLugest's work. :D
If you go there, please find them. 

Let's LEGO NEWSNo.94 / 2018.3.1
Sweets Memory - photo stand

These are photo stands called Sweets Memory which I made for gifts. Sweets Memory is very sweet cake ! To your wonderful memories, Cheers ! For your information, the photo decorated now is showing the LEGO LAND in Denmark, well, my sweet memory is my own secret! [ More details ]

Let's LEGO NEWSNo.93 / 2018.3.1
Laser Gun

This is a laser gun which I made for a certain TV program. It was used in the TV program from 2014 through 2017. [ More details ]

Let's LEGO NEWSNo.92 / 26th Feb 2018
Magic of Nature

This is a trick art called 'Magic of Nature' I made. When you step away a little bit from this lumpish brick and look at it horizontally, you can see the pictures of four seasons on four sides of this brick. And when you open the Snowman... [ More details ]

Let's LEGO NEWSNo.91 / 26th Feb 2018
Truck Merchandise Display Shelf

This is a Truck Merchandise Display Shelf which I made for a certain car dealership. The dealership are going to hook various car goods to the wire mesh part. [ More details ]

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