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Let's LEGO NEWSNo.90 / 24th Feb 2018
LEGO-figure-shaped lunch boxes and a water bottle

This is a work called “Picnic Set" that I made a long time ago. They are LEGO-figure-shaped lunch boxes and a water bottle. Recently I've updated images of old work on my web site to high resolution. [ More details ]

Let's LEGO NEWSNo.89 / 21st Feb 2018

I made 15 trophies for winners of the brick competition. It was part of my brick event "FUN! Large Brick Village - Sweets Village" held in Taipei.
[ More details ]

Let's LEGO NEWSNo.88 / 18th Feb 2018

One of my favorite models which called Doraemon's Secret. I added some of the high-resolution images it. [ More details ]

Let's LEGO NEWSNo.87 / 17th Feb 2018
Tokyo Bay Area MIHAMA

This lego town introduce a neighborhood bay area of The Condominium Kemigawahama Gardens. It was displayed at the guests salon of The Condominium Kemigawahama Gardens from Sept 2015 to Oct 2017. [ More details ]

Let's LEGO NEWSNo.86 / 14th Feb 2018
Beagle Loves Cats

Beagle has a yellow Cat Car!! [ More details ]
Let's LEGO NEWSNo.85 / 13rd Feb 2018
My new work, 'Lego Family ; Yeah~! We did it!'

' Yeah~! We did it!'   I know you're very excited, but if you yell somebody will find us... [ More details ]
Let's LEGO NEWSNo.84 / 10th Feb 2018
Lego Mazak Lathe was featured in Cyber World No.53 of Yamazaki Mazak!

My Lego work, "Lego Mazak Lathe - INTEGREX i-400", was featured in the cover of public information magazine Cyber World No.53 of Yamazaki Mazak!
 More details → Lego Mazak Lathe - INTEGREX i-400
Let's LEGO NEWSNo.83 / 10th Feb 2018
I held a lego work shop, 'Let's Make Parent and Children Sea Tutles' in Aoshima island, Miyazaki.

On Jan 2018, I held a lego work shop, 'Let's Make Parent and Children Sea Tutles' , in the event, 'Aoshima Island and Sea turtles', at the ANA Holiday in Resort Hotel in Aoshima island, Miyazaki. More details : 'Parent and Children Sea Tutles'
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My interview on the LEGO offficial YouTube

LEGO offficial YouTube - My interview
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