LEGO Event 2007 at Andersen Park / Let's LEGO - Sachiko
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last updated : Sept 3, 2007 / opened : July 2007
From July 20 to Aug 19,2007, at Funabashi Andersen Park, both the exhibition of my works and workshops were held!
I really appreciate everyone who came to see my works and joined me in the school. Thank you very much!!
Lego Work Exhibition
All five works with "Little Ida's Flowers (H.C.Andersen)" and others
Nine photos of works exhibited
Through the entrance of the building, you can see the exhibition room at the front.

On the wall, there are the photos of works exhibited.

My new work "Little Ida's Flowers (H.C.Andersen)"
After the exhibition, this work is exhibited at the Andersen Park on a regular basis.

Both "Parent and child koalas" and "McDonald's Value set BigMac" are memorable works for me.

On the opposite side of them, "Dokodemo Tunnel (The tunnel that can appear anywhere) " is exhibited.

Of course, the work of "Thumbelina (H.C.Andersen)", which has been exhibited on a regular basis since 2005, is also exhibited together with other works.

Please visit the Andersen Park to see "Thumbelina" and "Little Ida's Flowers" when the occasion arises!!

Workshop ( 3 days / 6 workshops )
* Prior booking essential
* free of charge (except an admission fee of the park)

July 22,2007
We made "Ladybird Car"
(using LEGO-bricks from the blue Bucket [#7335])

Aug 5, 2007
We made "Sliding Penguin"
(using LEGO-bricks from the red Bucket [#7336])

Aug 19, 2007
We made "Giant Kangaroo"
(using LEGO-bricks from the blue Bucket [#7335])

Intended for the age from 4 to 12
* 11:00 - 12:00 (first 20 applicants)
* 13:30 - 14:30 (first 20 applicants)

There were a LEGO Play Corner and a LEGO Shop!

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