"Design Cruising KOBE 2009" LEGO Work Exhibition & Workshop- Let's LEGO Sachiko
Opend : Nov 9, 2009
From Oct 16 to 18, 2009, KOBE - Days of Design - A Commemorative Event, gDesign Cruising KOBE 2009h was held.
During the event, various design events were held. And on 18th (Sun), I held my own lego work exhibition and workshop!

[ Span of Event ] Oct 16-18, 2009
[ Venue ] KOBE Meriken Park "Cafe*Fish"
Please see the HP of gDesign Cruising KOBE 2009h for the detail of the three days event, except the LEGO Event.
Sponsored by : Kobe City, The Kobe Chamber
of Commerce and Industry
In collaboration with : Specified Nonprofit Corpora-
tion of Kids Design Association
Planned and produced by : Specified Nonprofit Corpora-
tion of MoDISHKOBE

A LEGO Event

Oct 18, 2009 (SUN)
10:30 - 15:00
1) Parent - Child Design Workshop
2) Sachiko Akinaga - LEGO Work Exhibition
3) Lego-Kids Play Area

The entrance of "cafe*Fishh where the LEGO Event was held on 18th.

Inside of the cafe : The whole first floor transformed into the LEGO workshop! On the stage, there was a large play area, and I exhibited my works in front of the counter seen in the back of the photo.

1) Parent-Child Design Workshop

Oct 18, 2009 (SUN)
Let's make a "Ladybird Car" using a blue bucket [#7335]
Time for application : 10:30
Time to produce : 11:00 - 12:30 (90 min)

Let's make a "Propeller-Boy" using a blue bucket [#7335]
Time for application : 13:00
Time to produce : 13:30 - 15:00 (90 min)

The workshop venue
Qualifying Age Child four years or older
You can bring a blue buket (with your work) & Instructions back home.
Pre-order system
20 people the first in each time
4 or 5year-old-children must be accompanied by their parents.
Reservation has already finished

2) Sachiko Akinaga - LEGO Work Exhibition

Oct 18, 2009 (SUN)
10:30 - 15:00
Exhibited works :T / Exhibited photos :S

The right side : "Dokodemo Tunnel" (The tunnel that can appear anywhere.)

From the left : "A Big Puppy", "Parent and child koalas" and "McDonald's Value set BigMac"

And also other 5 works were exhibited in the form of photograph.

Thank you very much for everyone who came to see our LEGO works and joined my warkshop! I enjoyed a lot !(^o^)/