Let's LEGO / An event - Let's make a Lego Town Tokyo
Mar 2007 / Last updated : Sept 3,2007
Let's make a Lego Town Tokyo
On 24/March/2007, in the opening event for "Machida Mirai Kan (information facility)", we made a LEGO Town with Machida Interchange!

Actually, the real Machida Interchange is now under construction. But the top road on the image has not been constructed yet. So, we came to make the replica of it with LEGO!!

The total floor area of this finished LEGO Town is 1,536mm x 1,152mm (using 12 plates sized 48x48 each). It's pretty big, isn't it?

Friends, who took part in this event, made many cars! (2 cars per one person: a standard car and a van)

As all 100 cars have different colors, each car is the only car in the world.
* But they are too small to put a mini-figure in the car...(^^;

They wrote their autographs on the cars they made themselves, and put the cars wherever they like!

Some mini-figures are also set on the floor!
Wow, this is a showroom of Mercedes-Benz! Can you see the Benz-logo on the car? Fantastic!
Another friend placed a car in the showroom!

This is made with an image of no-more-traffic-jam when the interchange is completed.

But to tell the truth, the top road became very popular among us!

So there is a lot of traffic on the top road... (grin)

The gas station is also prosperous!

There are also a block of flats and a shop of dealing stones.

Like that, the "Lego Town" was completed with no problems. It is exhibited in the "Machida Mirai Kan" on a regular basis.
Please try to drop in at the facility, when you go to the LEGO Shop "Crick Brick" in Machida!! (^o^)/

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