Let's LEGO / LEGO Meeting @ Mapa in hyogo
Oct 25, 2004
LEGO Meeting @ Mapa in hyogo
Oct 16-17, 2004 の2日間、兵庫県で、"LEGO meeting@Mapa" というeventがありました。そして、上記6名の方のLEGO作品が展示されましたぁ
会場では、Play spaceや、レゴダクタの先生を呼んでのLEGO school などもあったそうです!
Unfortunately I was long, and it was not gone.
[ You can see exhibition scenery in the following URL. ]

*Thanks for Mr.Ken-tucky & Mr.Edge

My exhibition works!
[ block"chara-pocchi" ]
This work is unlisted characters of the block in my HP.
In fact, there are more a lot of friends. When I show all characters, the series name is changed. It is to say that the series name of "chara-pocchi" is for this exhibitions.

Red 6pocchi, 4pocchi of an angel, Golden 2pocchi, Green 1pocchi, Blue slope-Jet

[ A hamburger set ]
The top added to a loan request of a hamburger set.
This is the version that fused on the McDonald's and the FRESNESS BURGER's.