My Lego VideoLet's LEGO - レッツレゴさちこ
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Sachiko's Lego Video : YouTube  2014 - 2016

My interview on the LEGO offficial YouTube
The 60th anniversary of JC : "Brick Town Kiryu" Supervised : Sachiko Akinaga
Brick School for Adults at Toique
Brick School for Adults at Toique

The 40th anniversary "Happy Turn" : Happy Kingdom x Lego King

A making-of video of 'Happy Island'
A making-of video of 'Happy Island'(until castle)
Let's Make Lego Turn Prince with Lego Champion!

A Lego bricks event "Sweets Village" by Sachiko Akinaga in Taiwan 2014

"Sweets Village
The pre-opening
"Sweets Village"
The pre-opening
TVCM : Sweets Village

Sweets Village event venue1
Sweets Village event venue2
Sweets Village event venue3
Sweets Village event venue4

An advance event News
An advance event opening
An advance event : Sweets Village
The Press Conference Event

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