The New York Times Style Magazine - Winter 2011
Brock Party - 'the 'T' times magazine logo
Commissioned work
Created in Oct 2011
Nov 17, 2011, My LEGO work and an interview-based article appeared in “The New York Times Magazine - Winter 2011”.(^o^)/

I heard that in this corner of this magazine’s each issue, they introduce various artists with their work on the subject matter of ‘T’, the logo of the NY Times. (But in fact, I don’t know much about it.) I mean, this time, the theme was ‘T’ made out of LEGO!

There are four people reading the NY Times. Please find them! :D
*This is the photo in the magazine.
*Photo by photographer, Koichiro Doi
* Click on the image to zoom in *

Lot size : W1,920 x H1,920mm
T Building : W520 x D640 × H430mm

On the rooftop, there are a cocktail and a pool.

At the side of the pool, people enjoy sunbathing,

drinking and listening to the band playing!

I made this park imagining the Central Park. It is a holiday today!

The park is filled with people with family, with friends,

with dogs. And some people come here alone.

There is a man who is always sitting on the bench and reading the NY Times.

There are various people.

Entrance of ‘T’ building

Days required for the production are 11 days (16h x 11days = 176hours)

It was a tight schedule, but I enjoyed this production, thinking about various ideas! It was really fun! :D
* This is my profile photo for this magazine.
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Block Party
About 15,000 pieces of LEGO Bricks
Lot : W1,920 x H1,920mm / T Building : W520 x D640 × H430mm

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